• Josh Nathan-Kazis actually does the math, and finds that the BDS movement really isn’t that big a deal, even in those horrific anti-Israel petri dishes known as college campuses. [Forward]

• Earlier this week, it was merely Hamas’s Gaza head who condemned Osama Bin Laden’s assissination. Today it was Khaled Meshaal, Hamas’s overall, Damascus-based leader. (Also, “moderate” Tariq Ramadan expressed reservations, too.) [Ynet]

• Guess which country’s housing bubble is going to be next to burst? [Globes]

• You thought the Hasid-hipster Williamsburg bike battles were over? Think again. [The Brooklyn Paper/Failed Messiah]

• The Woodman discusses his new film. It’s sort of a “Shouts & Murmurs” for Arts & Leisure. [NYT]

• Jason Diamond goes deep on the long way the Jewish people have to go when it comes to search engine optimization. [Jewcy]

I was trying to find video of “Isis”—the title character of which the narrator marries “on the fifth day of May”—but instead you’ll have to settle with “One Too Many Mornings.” I know, I’m disappointed too.