• Hitler issued faceless sex dolls to soldiers to protect them from French women. It was not a successful program. [Time]

• A Brooklyn apartment complex is suing a synagogue for partying too hard. I’m suing them for never inviting me to the parties. [Brownstoner]

• A trial involving tenants rights to hang mezuzahs from their own doorposts opened in Chicago. No word on where the jury will fall on the lambs’ blood issue. [JTA]

• The first “truly international [science journalism] meeting” was marred by tensions between Israeli and Arab participants—not to mention tension between participating nerds and popular kids. [Science Insider]

• Coca Cola is now offering a more elegant bottle meant for the Shabbat table. [Isreview]

• Detroit Pistons guard Will Bynum wants to return to Maccabi Tel Aviv if the NBA lock out goes through, confirms his agent Mark Bartlestein. [Real GM]

Thousands are expected to attend the funeral of murdered 9 year old Leiby Kletzky. The service is being held tonight in Brooklyn