• Gabrielle Giffords received a standing ovation when she returned to the House of Representatives to vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling. [Jewish Journal]

• In Syria, 134 people have been killed in the three-day government crackdown—90 of the deaths have been in Hama. [Jerusalem Post]

• A worthwhile read on whether, in light of this latest wave of violence, the U.S. government can bring about the end of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s reign. [Foreign Policy]

• According to Netanyahu, Israel is working with the U.S. on a document based largely on President Obama’s May position, which called for the 1967 cease-fire line as the start to land negotiations. [Jerusalem Post]

• Australia’s oldest Jew, Mary Rothstein, died at the age of 110. [JTA]

• The Football Association of Malaysia apologized for hypothetical anti-Semitic taunts and booing directed at Chelsea FC player Yossi Benayoun, without acknowledging that the incidents actually occurred. [Jerusalem Post]