The Bushehr reactor in August 2010.(IIPA via Getty Images)

• The U.N. Security Council slammed Iran for failing to live up to nuclear program-related resolutions. [DPA/Haaretz]

• J Street has come out against the Palestinian statehood bid, citing an emphasis on “the two-state solution and not just two states.” Anybody who understands J Street and who understands the statehood bid should be unsurprised. [JTA]

• Shin Bet says they have arrested the Hamas members responsible for March’s bus stop bombing, which killed a British woman. [AP/WP]

• What do TriBeCa and the Catskills have in common? The food, now. [NYT]

• All about the Shomrim (which, er, we also did). [Village Voice]

• Who else is into the Iranian water gun protests? Feels very Havel. [AP/WP]

Greg Daniels, last seen adopting a British show called The Office for U.S. television, will now do the same with Friday Night Dinner, a sitcom about a Jewish family gathering for Shabbat every week.