The funeral for a Gaza boy on Saturday.(Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images)

• Gaza-based terrorists and the IDF exchanged fire throughout the weekend, but it seems to be over by now. [Haaretz]

• Yaakov Amitai, Israel’s new ambassador to Egypt, arrived in Cairo three months after the embassy was strormed. [AP/WP]

• He might want to tell Egypt to close down the bases that Hamas has established in the Sinai, which it knows Israel can’t hit as uncomplicatedly. [JPost]

• Forget socialism; Israel’s socialist ethos has gone out the window, with the tycoonim and other wealthy souls unafraid to conspicuously (and tackily) consume. [LAT]

• The demographic trends are really bad for Israel—and that’s just in reference to the growing proportion of the ultra-Orthodox, who tend not to serve in the army or pay many taxes. [Forecast Highs]

• Brooklyn prosecutors say they’ve found 85 child molesters in the Orthodox community (with 117 attendant victims) in the past three years. [NY Post]