• New study shows that younger Jewish Americans have not been turning away from Israel—or at the least not until very recently (if they have at all). Some of the authors published an earlier essay about this in Tablet Magazine. [Rosner’s Domain]

• If you see Michael Bloomberg today, wish him a happy 70th. Wait, that means in a year he’ll be younger than when Reagan was elected the first time? Hrmm. [WSJ]

• At the Grammys, producer Scott Rudin became the 11th person to achieve the EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony), and the sixth Jew. Who will be the seventh? Jesse David Fox has the odds. [Jewcy]

• James Mee, the cop who arrested Mel Gibson, settled his discrimination suit against L.A. County. [6 Degrees No Bacon]

• Oliver Stone’s one-quarter Jewish son converted to Islam. In Iran. [FP]

• Fifteen-year-old Jeremy Lin though that Josh Howard “wears his headband jewish style.” [Deadspin]

Jay-Z and Kanye get mashed up with the Woodman. Watch the throne indeed.