• Temple University and UPenn, which recently played host to a BDS conference, were tagged with anti-Semitic graffiti. [JTA]

• Before he and the other Republican candidates address AIPAC, Mitt Romney writes about some big ideas for checking Iran. [Washington Post]

• Turns out that the President is already ON IT, though. [NYT]

• And hey, results! Iran might give nuclear inspectors access to a military complex believed to be doing high explosive research. In February, they were denied access. [Haaretz]

• Israelis apparently liked the president’s speech a lot, but the rest of the world was less amused. [Atlanticwire]

• Peres and Bibi performed the ritual of asking President Obama to release Jonathan Pollard. [JTA]

• And finally, an Israeli court ruled that lesbian couples can both be recognized as their children’s mother without applying for adoption. [JTA]

• The Daily Beast’s list of 150 women includes several prominent Jewish women including both Gabrielle Giffords… and Roseanne. [Dailybeast]