• Efraim Halevy, former director of Mossad, castigated Romney for pushing Iran towards a nuclear bomb, misrepresenting the Iranian hostage crisis and possibly causing the “Cold War in the Mediterranean.” Brutal. [HuffPo]

• Before Newt went Dada at AIPAC earlier, he was apparently taking a snooze. Aw! [Politicalwire]

• Marc Jacobs apparently doesn’t pay his underage models (except in Paris, where it’s the law), although apparently he and the underage models are cool with it. [Jezebel]

• The French Prime minister said that Muslims and Jews should move away from ritual slaughter. [JTA]

• The New York Times has rediscovered Shabbat elevators for the second time in three years. See you in 2015! [NYT]

• Shimon Peres was the guest of honor at Facebook headquarters where he and Mark Zuckerberg held a live press conference… to launch his Facebook page. In an honor far exceeding, I don’t know, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Zuckerberg was apparently the first person to ‘like’ it. The future is weird. [Haaretz]

• But on the other hand, he has a pretty good prize if you like his page. [FB]