• In further evidence that the sanctions Are. Just. Not. Working, Turkey is cutting oil imports from Iran by 10 percent and making the difference up with Libyan oil. [JPost]

• Meanwhile, the president announced there are enough alternative oil sources to tighten sanctions on Iran. [NYT]

• Likely because developing countries are nearing a deal to tap oil from strategic reserves. [Boston Globe]

• On those flying busses we call airplanes, Haredi men are increasingly asking women to change seats. [Haaretz]

• Friend of the Scroll Joel Braunold notes a pretty big hurdle in the peace process: Jews and Palestinians are terrified of one another. [Open Zion]

• Nobody parties like Bukharian Jews. [NYT]

• The New Yorker has put online some of the late Adrienne Rich’s poetry, including the gorgeous “At the Jewish New Year” and the mournful “The Survivors.” [New Yorker]

• I’m not yet convinced that this isn’t a Dada installation, but JTA editor-in-chief Ami Eden talks Wrestlemania XXVIII with their new masked wrestling correspondent who is apparently the head of a major federation. Feel free to guess his identity in the comments. [JTA]