Happy end of Passover! Tablet will be dark until Monday. And hey! Go vote for us at the Webby Awards!

• Paul Berger finds another big flaw in last weekend’s New York Times Magazine story about the business model of matzoh manufacturing. [Forward]

• Literary editor David Samuels has a fantastic article about Kanye West in the Atlantic wherein (among other moments of interest) the President of the United States once again calls the rapper a certain epithet. Since I’m contractually bound to find a Jewish angle: POTUS is apparently the irritating guy who namedrops Saul Bellow at a fancy party. [The Atlantic]

• Jon Lovitz—Tweeter of high school justice. [JTA]

• President Obama and French Prime Minister Sarkozy pressured Syria to fulfill the terms of the truce. They also suggested that Iran could face further sanctions if it doesn’t start dismantling its nuclear program. [Haaretz]

• Mimouna is so hot right now. [Forward]

• Police are investigating a pretty grotesque hazing at a Boston Jewish frat. I’m told that people join these voluntarily. [JTA]

• The reform synagogue where Drake filmed his re-bar mitzvah music video, which I thought was respectful, is having second thoughts. [JTA]