Palestinians protest in solidarity with the hunger strikers outside Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.(Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/GettyImages)

• In exchange for improved conditions, the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strikes agreed to end their fasts. Nobody died. [NYT]

• Occasional Scroll correspondent Anthony Cordesmann has a new report arguing there is very little sense in doubting that Iran’s nuclear weapons program has a military component. [Haaretz The Axis]

• In the course of reporting anti-Semitism at the BBC, Walter Russell Mead offers an eloquent case that anti-Semitism threatens more than just Jews. [Via Meadia]

• Todd Gitlin commemorates the Port Huron Statement. [Forward]

• “Can you believe it out here at the Western Wall? So much sun! And such a draft, too—switch chairs with me, will ya?” [Haaretz]

• Seven artists, including Art Spiegelman, pay tribute to the late Maurice Sendak. [NYT Week in Review]

Peter Berg, director of the new Battleship (starring Rihanna!?), wants you to join the IDF.