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I don’t usually blog about what are the equivalent of Israeli Metro section stories, but I’ll make an exception here. An Israeli lawyer has been accused of murdering his parents in order to use his inheritance to pay off gambling debts. His defense? It wasn’t him, it was his twin brother!

Asked by the judges why he only started to lay the blame on Nir two months ago, Maoz said it was because he, Daniel, had a tendency toward pedophilia, something only his brother knew, and he feared that if he turned in his brother his secret would be revealed.

Judge Zvi Segal, head of the panel, was incredulous that anyone would prefer to be tried for murder than reveal such a secret, which, Segal pointed out, Maoz had just revealed himself.

Still, I mean, what are twins for if not taking the heat when you kill your parents?

In Ongoing Court Drama, Identical Twins Accuse Each Other of Parents’ Murder [Haaretz]