Ben Faulding is a photographer and writer living in Crown Heights. He received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Queens College.

To Understand the Reaction to Rubashkin’s Release, Look to Chabad’s History

Memories of centuries of anti-Semitic persecution and imprisonment triggered familiar narratives this week


The March for Racial Justice Falls on Yom Kippur. For a Black Jew, That Calls for a Tough Choice.

I want to observe Judaism’s holiest day, but also protest against the terror I’ve been feeling since Trump’s election. Thankfully, there’s a compromise.


‘Kosher Soul’ Turns My Life Into a Farce

Lifetime’s new reality show is a poorly-drawn caricature of blacks and Jews


A Hanukkah Protest Against Police Brutality

Menorah lighting and blessings punctuate rally for social justice


Old Tensions Resurface After Chabad Attack

A Jew of color in Crown Heights braces for racist backlash

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