John-Paul Pagano is a writer in New York. He blogs at The Socialism of Fools.

Anti-Semitism Is a Conspiracy Theory

Anti-Semitism is different from other kinds of bigotry and to confront it we have to understand why


Revlon Award Winner Has History of Anti-Semitism

As both editor and performer, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh endorsed blood libels against Jews and 9/11 Truther conspiracies


Meet Michael Chikindas, the Anti-Semitic Rutgers Professor Who Labeled Judaism ‘The Most Racist Religion in the World’

From accusing the Jews of orchestrating the Armenian genocide to peddling classic Nazi-era cartoons, Chikindas’s personal Facebook page is a showcase of bigotry


Anti-Racism Erases Anti-Semitism

Campus Week: Do Jews enjoy ‘white privilege,’ paradoxically making them targets for hatred? Talib Kweli, Black Lives Matter, and a strange argument over contemporary victimhood.


The DeBoer Tendency: How Progressives Belittle Violence Against Jews

The five stages of anti-Semitism denial, as it relates to racism and the concept of ‘privilege’

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