Marc Weidenbaum, the founder of Disquiet, a blog about sound art and electronic and ambient music, is an expert in the art of the remix: taking a piece of already recorded music and reworking it into something both reminiscent of the original and also entirely new. For Hanukkah, he picked eight songs—some, like “Maoz Tzur,” holiday favorites, others, like “Die Goldene Chasene,” familiar from Jewish celebrations—which he then handed off to innovative producers around the world to reinvent. The result is a hypnotic album that invokes everything from children’s music to klezmer to trance. It’s called Anander Mol, Anander Veig (Another Time, Another Way) and it’s downloadable—along with liner notes and cover art—here.

Vox Tablet host Sara Ivry spoke to Weidenbaum about some of the album’s tracks, about making remixes, and about how he, a non-musician, got into the remixing business in the first place. [Running time: 14:15.]

Listen to the interview:

Weidenbaum also commissioned remixes of the Vox Tablet theme song, originally composed by Jewlia Eisenberg and performed by Red Pocket. You can listen to several versions here:

Remix by Paula Daunt:

Remix by Mystified (aka Thomas Park):

Remix by Cedar AV: