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Ep. 278: Disney Channel star turned parsha podcast host Raviv Ullman, ‘In the Dark’ host Madeleine Baran, plus one very confused kosher ham

June 17, 2021

This week on Unorthodox, the curious case of the kosher ham.

Our Jewish guest is Raviv Ullman, who starred in the early-aughts Disney Channel show Phil of the Future and who now hosts the weekly parsha podcast “The Study.” The Israeli-born actor tells us about embracing the rituals of Jewish life during the pandemic and finding the value of identifying modern themes in ancient Jewish texts, even when those themes may be challenging.

Our gentile of the week is investigative reporter Madeleine Baran, who hosts the podcast “In the Dark” from APM Reports. Her reporting for the show helped lead the Supreme Court to overturn the conviction of death row inmate Curtis Flowers. She tells us about the challenges of covering the criminal justice system and the importance of local news to hold those in power to account. Her question for the hosts is about how much Hebrew you need to learn in order to become a bar or bat mitzvah.

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