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Lobster Roles

Ep.283: Stray cats in Israel (again), Netflix star Jaren Lewison on ‘Never Have I Ever,’ and chef Andrew Gruel on giving out free shellfish

July 29, 2021
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This week on Unorthodox, it’s all about free lobster, solving mysteries, and of course ... Israeli stray cats.

First we speak with Jaren Lewison, star of the Netflix show “Never Have I Ever.” He tells us about playing a Jewish character on a hit TV show, working with Mindy Kaling and Andy Samberg, and balancing college life (go ZBT!) and acting.

Then we hear from gentile of the week Andrew Gruel, founder and executive chef of Slapfish restaurant, who spoke with us about his work combating hunger, including providing free lobster to those in need.

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