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The Apology Episode, 5782

Ep. 287: We’re STILL sorry

September 9, 2021
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Welcome to our annual apology episode!

The Apology Episode, 5782
Ep. 287: We're STILL sorry
September 09, 2021
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As we do every year, we searched far and wide for stories about apologies, forgiveness, and repentance. We hope this episode inspires you to approach Yom Kippur with some new insights and appreciation for making amends.

First, we speak with legal scholar and former dean of Harvard Law School Martha Minow about U.S. law and forgiveness, and whether the justice system should perhaps be more forgiving.

Then, Rabbi Jonathan Spira-Savett, host of the new podcast Tov!, speaks with producer Robert about the concept of teshuva, repentance, and the source he believes can educate us all on repentance—NBC’s The Good Place, starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson.

Next, writer Simone Ellin recounts her experience confronting her childhood bullies, and uncovers the surprising truth about how others remember events that were so traumatic to her.

We hear from author Susan Shapiro about her new memoir, The Forgiveness Tour, which explores many of the subjects we talk about when we talk about apologies—should you forgive someone who doesn’t apologize, what Judaism has to say about forgiveness, and whether some sins are truly unpardonable.

And you know it isn’t an Unorthodox apology episode without a visit from our favorite apology expert, former Tablet colleague and founder of the blog SorrryWatch, Marjorie Ingall.

Sorry, not sorry.

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