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Sleepless in Seattle

Ep. 169: Advice columnist Dan Savage and Rabbi Will Berkovitz of Jewish Family Service Seattle

February 14, 2019
Photocollage: Tablet Magazine

This episode was recorded live at the Stroum Jewish Community Center’s Arts+Ideas Stage in Mercer Island, Washington.

Our Jewish guest is Rabbi Will Berkovitz, CEO of Jewish Family Service Seattle. He tells us why helping to resettle refugees is rooted in more than simply “Jewish values,” describes the surprising pushback he’s received from some Jews over his social activism, and explains how he was inspired to become a rabbi after attending a Catholic college.

Our gentile of the week is Dan Savage, the Seattle-based sex-advice columnist and host of Savage Lovecast. He returns to the show to answer love and relationship questions from Unorthodox listeners just in time for Valentine’s Day (or as we call it, secular Tu B’Av). (For the uninitiated, Dan is very open and uncensored in his discussion of sex and relationships, so we really mean the obscenity warning this week.)

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