A Very Unorthodox Passover

Ep. 178: Instant Pot brisket, cannabis Seders, vegetarian Seders, the ‘Rugrats’ Passover special, and Moroccan Mimouna celebrations

April 18, 2019

This week on Unorthodox, we’re getting in the mood for matzo with a jam packed Passover episode.

A Very Unorthodox Passover
Ep. 178: Instant Pot brisket, cannabis Seders, vegetarian Seders, the ‘Rugrats’ Passover special, and Moroccan Mimouna celebrations
July 14, 2024
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We speak with New York Times food writer (and Instant Pot enthusiast) Melissa Clark about her Passover menu, which includes a new brisket recipe (which can be made in the oven, but which she will be making in the Instant Pot), and, later on in the week, matzo lasagna.

Paul Germain, the TV writer responsible for the Rugrats Passover episode, which aired in 1995 and offered a remarkable animated retelling of the story of Exodus, tells us about how that episode got made.

Since the second Seder falls on 4/20, the international celebration of marijuana, we called up cannabis entrepreneur Cat Goldberg to get some tips on how to make our Seders a little more green.

Restaurateur Gabriel Stulman describes the Moroccan celebration of Mimouna, which falls at the end of Passover and features delicious pastries, including mufleta. (Stulman will be hosting a special Mimouna meal at his New York City restaurant Fairfax on April 27.)

And Simone Weichselbaum from The Marshall Project sat down with William Rapfogel, the former chief of New York’s Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty who went to jail for embezzlement, about putting together a Seder behind bars.

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As they say at the Ariana Grande Seder, Thank U Next Year in Jerusalem.

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