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Israel’s Hypnotic ‘Aleph-Bet’ Singer

Victoria Hanna chants the Hebrew alphabet to a catchy hip-hop beat

February 19, 2015
Victoria Hanna in her new music video for 'Aleph Bet.' (Facebook)

Victoria Hanna in her new music video for ‘Aleph Bet.’ (Facebook)

Victoria Hanna recently released a music video that’s absolutely mesmerizing. In it, the Jerusalem-born singer stands, primly dressed, at the head of a class chanting the Hebrew alphabet. With the utterance of each letter, she makes a different gesture, as if she’s teaching some kind of secret language. Then a hip-hop beat kicks in and the music and movements grow wilder.

Vox Tablet contributor Daniel Estrin paid Hanna a visit to find out more about what the video is all about.

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