With the kind of storytelling we do, most of our interviews end up on the proverbial “editing room floor.” And we’re often sorry they do, since we’d like you to hear them, too. So today, in what constitutes a new experiment for us, we bring you a lightly edited version of an interview we recorded several years back. It’s not an episode, and not even a story. It is, instead, a conversation.

Yochai Maital and his sister, Temira Finesilver, grew up in the same home. But they chose very different routes in life—religiously, politically, geographically. And, in Temira’s backyard in Bnei Dekalim, surrounded by chirping birds and gorgeous vistas, they sat down to chat about deep disagreements, unconditional love, and the unbreakable bond of family.

The end song, “Shevet Achim Va’Achayot” (A Tribe of Brothers and Sisters) was a special project by Galgalatz. Written by Doron Medalie, composed by Idan Raichel, and produced by Tomer Biran, the song features many leading Israeli artists.

Listen to the special here, or download it from iTunes. You can hear all of Israel Story’s episodes in English here and in Hebrew here.