Ed Simon is a senior editor at The Marginalia Review of Books and an adjunct assistant professor of English and Media Studies at Bentley University. His collection America and Other Fictions: On Radical Faith and Post-Religion will be released by Zero Books in 2018. His Twitter feed is @WithEdSimon.

Jewish Horror

Judaism offers the same baroque supernatural possibilities that Christianity does. So why is it rarely a universal source for genre filmmakers? And what does it say about human evil?


Is Frankenstein’s Monster the Golem’s Son?

A Jewish literary mystery for Halloween


‘Rabbi’ John Selden and the Restoration of the Jews to England

How the modern academic discipline of ‘Jewish Studies’ was invented in Renaissance England by the the greatest Christian Hebraist of the age


Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims’ American Jewish Holiday

How the biblical narrative of Exodus helped shape the founders’ idea of a secular nation with liberty for all


Amelia Lanyer, the First Female Jewish English Poet and Shakespeare’s Dark Lady?

On the 400th anniversary of the playwright’s death, drawing back into the light the talented woman who may have inspired some sonnets and The Merchant of Venice

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