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  • Richard Howard’s Politics of Togetherness

    The poet, who died last month, understood that American tradition is broken—but knew it was possible to begin again

  • When Should Leaders Break the Law?

    Without an elite capable of making good decisions, rights and laws aren’t worth the paper they are printed on

  • A Tzaddik’s Rebellious Son

    The little-known Romanian writer Abraham Zissu espoused a conception of Judaism rooted in a deep love for one’s community, and a simultaneous willingness to challenge its fundamentals

  • The Open Society and Its Prophets

    Henri Bergson’s original heuristic of open and closed societies emphasizes that liberalism is a religion born out of moments of mystical perception and faith

I had still been a child, and he held me in thrall with his stream of words, words that spun themselves around me the way a spider’s sticky silk threads are spun around a fly until I could scarcely breathe.

Libido Dominandi

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My Favorite Anti-Semite

An occasional series of tributes to writers, artists, philosophers, and others who hate us and to why we still find value in their work.

Library of Congress

Ty Cobb

He was the greatest and strangest of all ball players, a fierce competitor, and a hateful person


E. F. Cooper/Wikimedia Commons

Edith Wharton

There’s a barbarian at every gate



Gregor von Rezzori

Why the German-language writer and memoirist yearned for an era he never knew



Amiri Baraka

Kaddish for the late poet with a history of bigotry, from a poet with a feeling for jazz


Wikimedia Commons

Frank Norris

The progressive-era novelist’s greedy, red-haired, Polish Jew, Zerkow, is the 20th century’s greatest golem


Lucian Bert Truesdale/Wikimedia Commons

H.P. Lovecraft

The 20th-century master of horror admired Hitler but married a Jew and hated ‘alien’ cultures but created some of the most memorable ones in literature



Rupert Brooke

Regardless of whether or not we should forgive our favorite artists for these sorts of opinions, one thing is clear: We definitely want to.


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