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Vol. 2, Issue 42: Nov. 10-16 • Jainism in America, the real genocides, Argentina’s nearly Jewish Trump, a roundtable with Black Jews, a recipe for Thanksgiving, and more

Vol. 2, Issue 41: Nov. 3 - 9 • Advice one month after the massacre, the Talmud as self-help book, excerpts from The Scroll, finding joy in Shabbat, a classic challah recipe, and more

Vol. 2, Issue 40: Oct. 27 - Nov. 2 • How France’s terror anticipated Israel’s, defending Jewish students in the Ivy League, dispatch from Galilee medical center, and more

Vol. 2, Issue 39: Oct. 20 - 26 • Israel at War: The undoing of wunderkind Jake Sullivan, Hamas and the woke left, a report from a war wedding, reflecting on Birthright, and more

Vol. 2, Issue 37: Oct. 6 - 12Special EditionStop Being Shocked: The ideas, institutions, and people that caused the collapse

Vol. 2, Issue 13 Passover Special: An analysis of disinformation, a Florida Shabbos, backpacker Seders in Nepal, Haggadot before Maxwell House, and much more, including six recipes for a complete Seder meal

The Year in Review: A special blockbuster double issue featuring the best of Tablet’s insight, reporting, and great storytelling from 2022

Beach Reads 2022: An amazing, 113-page, free anthology of some of our best writing, for you and your hammock.

Issue 26: In full, Armin Rosen’s in-depth report on the background of the uniquely American life of Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. Also: surveillance, Judaism in translation, chocolate, and more.

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October 7th marked a rupture in time—a moment that made the before and after feel irreconcilable. Israel and the Jewish people now live in the fallout of that day. This collection presents reflections on grief and war by a new generation of Israeli writers, whose work will shape our imagination of the future.

‘Carlos’: The Best Political Film of the 21st Century

Featured Contributor: Marco Roth

  • The Art of Humblebrag

    Ben Lerner’s ‘The Lights’ is a collection of auto-fictional poems from a master of self-validating ambiguity

  • The Hijacking

    A new anti-memoir memoir revisits a critical moment in the history of air piracy while plumbing the false consciousness of American Jews

  • A Kafka for Our Times

    A new completist edition of Kafka’s diaries lures readers into the Kafkaesque experience of seeing the author dissolve into an auto-fictional scrapheap

  • Rachel Aviv’s Journey to the Ends of Psychiatry

    Janet Malcolm’s successor at The New Yorker has a different take on the impossible profession

  • At Our Absolute Worst

    Marco Roth talks to, yells at, and pleads with Joshua Cohen about his novel, ‘Moving Kings’

  • And more from Tablet’s Book Critic at Large.


Film, music, visual arts, and more.

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The reading of a poem is demanding in a way that listening to a song is not. And it is that difficulty that makes poetry more of a counterculture event than even the most avant-garde song, especially given our increasingly limited attention spans.

Kenneth Sherman

Also by Andrew Fox

You just can’t look at people in bars and restaurants in Odessa and not imagine them as something out of Babel.

Edward Serotta


Thematic, editor-curated deep dives into Tablet’s rich archives

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Featured Contributor

Jeremy Sigler

Swipe for highlights from the archive of our longtime arts critic and author, most recently, of the book of poetry, Goodbye Letter, published by Hunters Point Press.


The Spy Who Loved Me

JULY 17, 2023

Male jealousy, Bond girls, and boozing with your Brah


Lucian Freud’s Fat Lady Sings

MAY 21, 2019

Flesh, set free by a ‘despicable genius,’ or ensnared in the male gaze?


A Conversation With Marjorie Perloff

APRIL 1, 2019

The fearlessly outspoken critic and Stanford titan on the contemporary poetry canon, the complexities of O.J. Simpson, and the non-Zen of John Cage


The Kabbalah of Rothko

FEBRUARY 23, 2018

In the gap between transcendental and concrete experience, 48 years after the painter’s death


Peter Saul Sabotages Everything, Including Himself

NOVEMBER 30, 2017


Powerless in the Face of Beauty: Helena Rubinstein at the Jewish Museum

NOVEMBER 5, 2014

An exhibit about the cosmetics queen shows at what cost she taught women to power their way through beauty’s slow fade

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