Noah Lederman is the author of the memoir A World Erased: A Grandson's Search for His Family's Holocaust Secrets. His articles have been featured in The Economist, The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald, Slate, Salon, The New Republic, The Jerusalem Post Magazine, and elsewhere. He writes the blog Somewhere Or Bust.

Once on This Island

After centuries of Jewish life in Barbados, the historic synagogue is beautifully restored—but the community itself faces an uncertain future


Tales of Tragedy: My Inheritance As the Grandson of Survivors

When I tried to hold my newborn daughter, my grandparents’ Holocaust stories stopped me cold


Searching for Poppy’s House

In his memoir ‘A World Erased,’ Noah Lederman travels to Poland, hoping to find the home where his grandfather—a Holocaust survivor—once lived.


Life and Death, Side by Side

How does it feel to live next to a concentration camp? I visited the Polish village next to Majdanek—where my great-grandfather was murdered, and my grandparents were imprisoned—to find out.


Home Sweet Shul

What happens when a former synagogue becomes a private residence?

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