Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips is the director of WAYS OF PEACE Community Resources in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Gifts of the Body

Amending the Jewish take on organ and whole body donation


As We Count the Days of the Omer, Let’s Make Tithing Count, Too

Lower earners give more to charity than higher earners do. Maybe it’s time we all pitch in equally.


Down to Earth: The Vital Lessons Learned in Burying the Dead

Returning our deceased to the soil honors the injunction for a proper burial—and keeps us mindful of the life cycle of which we’re a part


Red Light, Green Light: How Traffic Observance Dovetails With Ethical Choices

When I started taking crosswalk laws more seriously, I learned a lot about finger-pointing, empathy, and myself


Zombies, Vampires, and Things That Come Back to Life: A Rabbi’s Take on Halloween and Beyond

Kids’ fascination with the undead goes far beyond one holiday, but it’s a perfect time to talk about Jewish traditions around death


Making a Personal Commitment to Care for the Dead—by Singing to Them

Just as we sing lullabies to newborns, I now offer the same loving care as part of my work with a burial fellowship

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