The WASPs Funding Antisemitism
In the wake of the October 2023 Hamas attacks, Jewish leaders were shocked to read the egregious statement put out by Darren Walker, the President of the Ford Foundation, who declined to acknowledge the massacre of Jews in Israel. They shouldn’t have been—not only because the foundation’s namesake was a notorious antisemite, but because the Ford Foundation is at the center of an elite nonprofit complex fueling this crisis both at home and abroad. In addition to the major nonprofit foundations, the American establishment remains dominant in two other areas of life: elite prep schools and universities, and the “deep state.” It’s not a coincidence that these three sectors—NGOs, higher ed, and the federal bureaucracy—have become the power centers of wokeness. The face of “resistance” may be a young radical, but the funding, strategy, and power are decidedly not. On Sunday night, Walker issued a second press release. With no explanation given, it was not clear why two statements were released. “Henry Ford, our founder, was among the twentieth century’s most virulent American antisemites. And yet, to me, our past confers a special obligation to engage, not to retreat—no matter the complications or the consequences.”

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