Israel Update

Is Netanyahu’s Life in Danger?

Mike Doran and Gadi Taub discuss the threats to the prime minister’s safety

April 5, 2024

The protest against Netanyahu is reaching a dangerous new level of violence, with a recent attempt to break through the barriers protecting his family’s private residence. Ronen Bar, the director of Israel’s security service, the Shabak, has warned that the protest is spilling over into the danger zone. Mike and Gadi can’t help but wonder, though, why is anyone not charged with a crime here, and how many would have been charged if violent right-wing protesters tried to breach security around a left-wing politician’s home.

Plus: The strike that killed a senior Iranian IRGC commander has increased the danger of regional escalation to a level not seen yet since the beginning of the war.


Israel Update
Is Netanyahu's Life in Danger?
April 05, 2024
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