Joseph Dana, Monocle’s former Istanbul bureau chief, is a writer living in South Africa.

Comrades, Run!

How a grueling 56-mile ultramarathon in South Africa became a stage for racial reconciliation—and national belonging for immigrant Jews


Fifty Years of Occupation

Can anything change the status quo in the territorial dispute between Israelis and Palestinians?


Jewish Aleppo, Lost Forever

The Syrian diaspora in Israel watches its once-vibrant ancestral home fall to ruin in the country’s civil war


European Modernism, in Hebrew

With a rediscovered 1930s novel, Viennese Romance, Austrian writer David Vogel becomes a key figure in the creation of Modern Hebrew literature


Foundation Myths

Stifling debate on the Nakba—the Arabic word for catastrophe and how Palestinians refer to Israel’s founding—prevents a free and open discussion of the historical record

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