Walter Laqueur was head of the Institute of Contemporary History and Wiener Library in London and concurrently university professor at Georgetown University.

The Generation That Shaped Our Understanding of the 20th Century Is Gone

The scholars, historians, and political advisers who shaped the West’s understanding of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and the Islamist Middle East, make way now for—what?



A counterfactual history, 1848-2008


Have ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ Outlived Their Meaning?

And are we now on the eve of the emergence of a new, Fifth International?


The Riegner Cable, and the Knowing Failure of the West To Act During the Shoah

When and how did authentic information about the Holocaust first become known?


Hitler’s Jews: Max Von Oppenheim and the Myth of German Jewish Guilt

New biographies shed light on the cohort of Germans of Jewish descent who historians have portrayed as having served the Nazis

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