A righteous person, the book of Proverbs teaches us, falls seven times and rises.

This bit of wisdom wasn’t meant to be taken lightly. It’s not some motivational poster. It’s a reminder that all of us fail from time to time, and most of us stumble frequently, but that it takes real spirit to rise up again and again and carry on with the same passion, dedication, and faith.

Today, we’ve three stories about picking up the pieces: One that follows a disillusioned old Communist and his radical imprisoned daughter; one that tells ribald tales of bickering and divorce, culled from the old Yiddish press; and one that celebrates America’s favorite Jewish, African-American, gay cookbook author.


Fanaticism and the New York State Parole Board

The case of Judith Clark


Kosher Soul Food Brings Together African-American and Jewish Cuisine

Michael Twitty’s complex identity—and a deeper understanding of culinary history—comes through in his cooking


Divorce Court

Long before Jerry Springer, divorcing couples fought it out before Warsaw’s rabbinical court

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