Yardena Schwartz is an American journalist and Emmy-nominated producer based in Tel Aviv.

Just Outside Hiroshima, a Holocaust Education Center Flourishes

‘My dream is that 1.5 million Japanese students will visit us and change Japan’


Oktoberfest Was Invented by Jews

German beer culture’s surprising origins


Frauke Petry, the New Face of Germany’s Anti-Immigrant Right

In a candid Tablet magazine interview, the rising politician talks about her rejection of Islam, being called a neo-Nazi, and why Jews should see European nationalism as a welcome development


How the State of Israel Abuses Holocaust Survivors

With millions of dollars earmarked for their care, how is it possible that even in Israel some Shoah victims are living and dying with indignity?


Living Word From a Dead World

A new project at Yad Vashem analyzes the first letters that survivors wrote after the Holocaust, letting their loved ones know that they were alive


An Interview with Israel’s Most Wanted Man, Rabbi Yehuda Glick

The man who may spark a religious war wants Jews to pray alongside Muslims on the Temple Mount. Is his dream a death wish?

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