Sheldon Adelson in Macau, China.(aaron tam/AFP/Getty Images)

• Sheldon Adelson has now donated $35 million to Republican Super PACs. [NYT]

• The Foreign Ministry dismissed an annual study saying Israel is less peaceful than Syria or Iran. [Times of Israel]

• Iran is expected to push OPEC to cut oil production at a meeting this week. I wonder why? [Times of Israel]

• An op-ed criticizes Congress for limiting the President’s options in regards to Iran. [NYT]

• Yisrael Beitinu MK Anastasia Michaeli, who infamously threw a glass of water into the face of another member of Knesset, is now saying that television is turning children gay, causing them to commit suicide at 40—which I understand is Hebrew for “why am I a member of the Knesset?” [JPost]

• Shimon Peres accepted the medal of freedom. [Haaretz]

• Fatah and Hamas say that a consensus government is around the corner. [JPost]

• The World Food Prize went to Israeli Daniel Hillel. [Forward]