The best thing about political discourse is when parties accuse one another of silencing! When it comes to the state of Israel and the Jews, we’re now at epic levels of meta-silencing accusations. Over at the Jerusalem Post,Isi Leibler has one bone to pick in particular: The decline of Jews accusing other Jews of hating themselves.

“[O]ne of the most effective accomplishments chalked up by political far-left activists was their success in eliminating the term “self-hating Jew” from the Jewish political lexicon. They are abetted by those from the extreme Right who indiscriminately label every Jewish critic of Israeli policy a self-hating Jew.  Today, anyone employing the term “self-hating” in relation to Jews is summarily condemned and accused of being chauvinistic.”

Let’s just be grateful it’s a bipartisan effort.

Leibler takes care to note that the revived term “should be employed in a highly selective manner and not utilized indiscriminately against naïve, well-meaning ‘bleeding hearts’ or legitimate critics of Israeli policies with whom we may disagree.” That sounds eminently reasonable.  The only problem is, who gets to decide who’s a self-hating Jew and who’s just a critic of Israeli policies when Leibler is busy? Or in another time zone?

I tried to glean what I could from the column. Herewith, a list:

Self Haters:

  • “Haaretz, which is probably the most important global media platform promoting the rantings of Jews demonizing Israel.”
  • “Karl Marx… [whose] noxious self-hatred was the basis for his vile anti-Semitic tract Zur Judenfrage.”
  • “In the Soviet Union, the members of the Yevsektsia.”
  • “Western Jewish communists.”
  • “In Israel, the fellow-traveling members of Mapam, the forerunner of Meretz.”
  • Former Israeli musician Gilad Atzmon who justifies the Nazi murder of the Jews, [and] failed politician Avram Burg who delegitimizes his country.”
  • “Journalists who paved the way for the Goldstone Report and charges of war crimes against Israel by demonizing the IDF, while defending the intransigent and duplicitous Palestinians.”
  • “Some Diaspora Jews, ugly blemishes on the fringes of Jewish communities throughout the world, who stand at the vanguard of the anti-Israeli pack.”


Not Self-Haters:

  • We’ll get back to you.


Candidly Speaking: Concerning “Self-Hating Jews” [JPost]