• The Times of Israel has compiled a very thorough schedule to follow the 37 Israeli athletes at the London Olympics, including must-watch events. [Times of Israel]

• Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has tapped peddler-of-Jewish-conspiracies Louis Farrakhan to help with Chicago’s recent surge in violent crime. [IBT]

• The graves of two far-right Germans who assassinated Jewish Foreign Minister Walter Rathenau in the ’20s were mysteriously adorned with flowers in a wayward tribute that has angered the village of Saaleck. [Spiegel]

• Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s selection of prime minister from the outgoing cabinet stokes fears that Egypt’s revolution is far from over and its recovery will be slow. [Guardian]

• The Washington Post puts the chances of an Israeli strike on Iran before the U.S. elections at 50/50. [WaPo]