• Barak Ravid is reporting that intelligence shared among four countries reveals that Iran’s nuclear program is advancing a faster rate than previously thought. [Haaretz]

• New York’s top banking regulator alleges that Standard Chartered Bank—a British bank—helped Iran conceal $250 billion in deals over the past decade in order to reap millions of dollars in transaction fees. [NYT]

• 1,300 Syrians fled to Turkey last night, including a number of high-ranking military officers. The total number of Syrian refugees in Turkey is now estimated to be 47,000. [Reuters]

• Romania’s new minister for parliamentary affairs doesn’t think that Romanians were complicit in the Holocaust. He also has a history of grossly understating the number of Romanian Jews killed in World War II. [JTA]

• Steven Solomon, Australia’s first sprinter to qualify for the 400-meter finals in 24 years, finished in 8th place at the Olympics. [Jewish Journal]