(Elie Wiesel)

• In a letter to the European Union, the Palestinian Authority asks the EU to reconsider its cooperation with Israel. [Times of Israel]

• Syrian President Bashar al-Assad makes his first public appearance in over two weeks and receives warm assurances from Iran that their bonds are “unbreakable.” [JPost]

• Due to a computer glitch, thousands of people cashed in on a promotion that sold round-trip tickets to Israel for $400. The tickets will be honored. [Jewish Week]

• A high school class in Pembroke, North Carolina, received a kind letter from Elie Wiesel in response to a number of letters written by students who read “Night.” [Fayetteville Observer]

• Jewcy investigates the phenomenon of glasses that intentionally blur vision so that men cannot be tempted by women. [Jewcy]

• Lilit Marcus chronicles her responses to pick-up lines from Hasidic men in her Brooklyn neighborhood. [Heeb]