Electronic BIllboards in Lebanon Ahead of the Papal Visit(Beirut Report)

• The Times reports on the Libya attacks, noting that an initial assault was chaotic and the second one was highly organized and may have received support from anti-American factions in the new Libyan government. [NYT]

• Crowds in Lebanon are protesting a visit by the Pope as well as the controversial anti-Muhammad film, “Innocence of Muslims,” and have torched a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in Tripoli. [JPost]

• Education reforms sought by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel have not been agreed upon by city teachers as a strike in Chicago carries on. Talks are continuing slowly. [Reuters]

• President Obama pushes for reconciliation among Americans and the world in his official Rosh Hashanah message. [JTA]

• An Israeli court ruled that settlers who were evicted from a house in Hebron four years ago can return to live there. [Statesman]