Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory in Israel(Ben and Jerry's)

• About an hour ago, reportedly while United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was visiting the city, Hamas fired two rockets at Jerusalem. Both rockets missed and fell into the West Bank where they cause no injuries. This marks the second time that Jerusalem has been targeted in the seventh day of the fighting. [JPost]

• President Obama sends Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Israel and the West Bank in effort to shore up ceasefire. [CBS]

• Earlier today, Israeli ministers said that a ground invasion would be postponed for at least 24 hours to give diplomatic efforts more time. [Times of Israel]

• Amir Mizroch writes smartly, but perhaps preemptively, on the lessons of Operation Pillar of Defense. [Mizroch]

• As roughly 60 rockets pummeled Israel’s south, residents of areas near Beer Sheva and Eshkol sought shelter. The Ben and Jerry’s factory near Beer Tuvia also came under alert. [Times of Israel]