(Washington Times)

Perhaps it’s because we haven’t heard one of these wild, red siren warnings in a while, but…according to Channel 10 in Israel, the United States will engage in direct talks with Iran over the latter’s nuclear program. Should these talks not prove useful, the U.S. is reportedly planning to strike Iran in the next four-to-five months.

Obama, the report said, had set down some preconditions to negotiations, demanding that Iran cease production of high-enriched uranium and grant IAEA inspectors full access to, and supervision over, its nuclear facilities.

Channel 10 suggested that America’s decision to hold off on military involvement in Syria for the time being was due to the fact that it didn’t want to open a new front with the prospect of a war against Iran looming on the horizon.

In recent weeks, there have been increasing indications from the US that it is willing to hold direct bilateral talks with Iran.

This should be interesting. We’ll keep you posted.

Obama planning direct talks with Iran
[Times of Israel]