• The steady stream of international fighters into Syria has changed the complexion of the Syrian civil war. As members of Hezbollah and Sunni groups from the Middle East and North Africa engage, the likelihood of an easy transition into post-Assad Syria dims. [Reuters]

• Jonah Weiner writes on the life and stand-up regimen of Jerry Seinfeld for the Times Magazine. A must-read for Seinfeld fans, a long read for everyone else. [NYTM]

• A number of fraudulent websites have been set up that pose as charities for the families of the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown last week. The JTA reports on one using the name of one of the Jewish victims, Noah Pozner. [JTA]

• Check out Caminos de Sefarad, a Google project that studies the Jewish historical legacy in Spain in a very interactive look at Jewish sites in 24 cities. [RedJuderias]

• A custody battle between a Jewish couple in Vienna has become an international affair, pitting British and Australian rabbis against each other and involving charges of mental illness. [Times of Israel]