Charlie Brotman in 1997, at President Clinton’s inauguration.(Charlie Brotman)

Today on Tablet, our preternaturally gifted senior writer Allison Hoffman writes about Charlie Brotman, the octogenarian inauguration parade narrator, who has called every parade since Eisenhower. Brotman plans to stay at it until he’s Methulselah-aged.

But there will be one Jewish constant to Monday’s proceedings: Charlie Brotman, a retired sports announcer who has been the voice of every inaugural parade since President Eisenhower’s second in 1957. “The Secret Service says, that Charlie Brotman, he’s so good, he can have the job as long as he wants to,” Brotman, now 85, said in a phone interview as he prepared for his 16th outing in the announcer’s booth. “When I reach 120, I’ll retire.”

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