Mayor Ed Koch(NYDN)

• Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch passed away earlier this morning at age 88. THe Hizzoner was an outsized figure, even in a place like New York, where he was a three-term mayor, political kingmaker, and beloved public figure. [NYT]

• At least one person, a guard at the United States Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, was killed when a suicide bomber attacked the entrance gate of the compound.

• London’s ultra-Orthodox leadership rejected a report made by a British television show that claimed the community had not dealt with the issue of child molestation. [JTA]

• Reports on Friday suggest that Israeli fighter jets have continued to fly over southern Lebanon, possibly on imaging missions. The report comes two days after an Israeli strike was said to have hit a weapons convey entering Lebanon from Syria. [AP/WaPo]

• The brilliant NBC show 30 Rock, which ran for seven seasons, had its finale last night. [THR]