Left to right: Hanneli Goslar (a.k.a., "Lies Goosens" in early editions of the Diary), Anne Frank, Dolly Citroen, Hannah Toby, Barbara Ledermann and Susanne Ledermann (standing), Amsterdam, 1937. Read more: http://life.time.com/history/anne-frank-photos-of-her-friends-by-paul-schutzer/#ixzz2KddP98j0(Getty)

• Early speculation about Pope Benedict XVI’s successor suggests that the decision may be determined by the candidate’s ideology rather his location. [NYT]

• Ron Huldai, Tel Aviv’s mayor, has reportedly invited President Barack Obama to deliver a speech at Rabin Square, the site where Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated following a peace rally. Other cities and universities in Israel and the West Bank have made similar invitations. [Times of Israel]

• Paul Schutzer has a collection of never-before-seen photographs of Anne Frank’s friends, recently unearthed from after the war. [Time]

• Want to be the next pope? Here’s an acerbic application for the position on Craigslist. [Craigslist]

• Armin Rosen looks at Rawabi, a middle-class Palestinian development in the West Bank that could either be a model or an anomaly for the future of Palestinian development and relations between the Israeli government and Palestinians. [Atlantic]