Iron Dome Battery(AFP)

● For the first time in three months, a rocket fired from Gaza landed in southern Israel, striking a road just south of Ashkelon. [JPost]

● The Times reports on how Academy Awards organizers managed to get First Lady Michelle Obama to participate in the awards ceremony on Sunday evening. One key matchmaker was producer Harvey Weinstein, who is connected to the White House. [NYT]

● The stakes may be high, but the expectations are (apparently) quite low as Iran and the P5+1 group meet to discuss Iran’s nuclear program in Kazakhstan. [AP]

● Dutch courts have upheld a ruling declaring that Jews are not exempt from having to carry identification cards with them at all times. A fine against a Dutch Orthodox Jew remained intact after he brought his case to court, citing religious reasons for not carrying the card. [AP]

● A Detroit Jewish leader’s name was discovered on a hit list of a neo-Nazi sympathizer, who was indicted on weapons charges last week. [JTA]