Sundown: Hagel Promises Barak Missile Defense

Plus why so serious Jon Stewart?

By Adam Chandler|March 5, 2013 5:55 PM

• In a meeting with Ehud Barak, Chuck Hagel, the anti-Semitic/anti-Israel defense secretary, promised to fund Israeli missile defense systems and to maintain Israel’s qualitative edge despite financial constraints. [ToI [1]]

• Jon Stewart will take a hiatus from his hit satire institution The Daily Show to direct a serious film over the summer. The film Rosewater is based on a screenplay that Stewart wrote. [NYT [2]]

• The old Anshei Meseritz synagogue on East 6th Street may add some condominiums on top of the building in order to raise money for upgrades. I’m sure no one will be bothered. [Curbed [3]]

• As we mentioned earlier, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez died of cancer earlier today. JTA takes a look at the controversial figure. [JTA [5]]

• Scroll-crush Rachel Weisz will likely make her Broadway debut opposite her average husband Daniel Craig. Alas, she will star in my dreams until then. [Vanity Fair [6]]

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