• President Obama hit the ground in Israel earlier today where he was greeted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a few other notable Israeli leaders as well as a pretty large procession at Ben Gurion Airport. [JPost]

• The Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens, having earned the right to play kick off the league’s 2013 season with a home game, will not be playing on Rosh Hashanah. The league moved their game to the first night of the Jewish new year after a scheduling conflict, but the team is declining to play then. [JTA]

• Josh Nathan-Kazis went along with the crowds in Newark celebrating Philip Roth’s 80th birthday. There’s even some video. [Forward]

• The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan says his comments about Zionism being a crime against humanity were taken totally out of context. [TDS]

• The bassist for the Celtic rock band The Dropkick Murphys beat down a neo-Nazi concertgoer during a St. Patrick’s Day concert in New York after the fan gave a Nazi salute while on stage at the show. [THR]