• Turkish and Israeli delegations met in Jerusalem today to iron out a final deal on re-normalizing ties between the two countries, which have been frozen since 2010. [ToI]

• The fourth-most-wanted Nazi, reportedly once a prison guard at Auschwitz, was arrested in Stuttgart today by authorities. The suspect has not been identified, but the Simon Wiesenthal Center named him as Hans Lipschis. [Reuters]

• Tablet contributor James Kirchick takes a look at Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s address to the World Jewish Congress, which has been roundly criticized for soft pedaling fears about rising anti-Semitism in Hungary. [Spiegel]

• Alex Aciman puts forth his set of interpretations of famous writers impersonating Marcel Proust. [Paris Review]

• Every dream of making aliyah, but you’re unsure about your pet? There’s not just an app for that, but an entire agency. Jewcy reports. [Jewcy]