• Like the fabled restaurant mints, it turns out mezuzahs, hung in doorways and traditionally kissed for luck, are covered in gross bacteria from so many pious hands and mouths. In order to prevent the spread of swine flu, one doctor recommends becoming more religious—about hygiene—and sticking with air kisses for the time being. [Ynet]
• But not to worry, we haven’t completely abandoned superstition as a way to curb the disease: Israeli rabbis are calling for an anti-swine flu fast day next Wednesday. [Arutz Sheva]
• The Republican Jewish Coalition has become the first Jewish group to officially come out against President Obama’s health care reform, saying “the consequences of Obamacare will include massive taxes, massive new spending and massive new debt.” [JTA]
• A German appeals court has ruled that displaying Nazi slogans is only illegal if they’re written in German. After all, in English, “Blood and Honour” could just be referring to a post-soccer game pub crawl, rather than a Hitler Youth motto. [AP]
• But some offenses are still clear as day: As if their hair wasn’t reprehensible enough, two of the jackasses from reality TV show NYC Prep have been photographed taping swastikas onto a car and dressing up as Hitler for a giggle. [Perez Hilton]