American flag.(Shutterstock)

Whether you’re kicking poolside, ducking beneath an umbrella, tarring and feathering your British friends, being tarred and feathered by your American friends, or are Egyptian and therefore have already celebrated your independence day, we’ve put together a list of stories for you to read tomorrow while we decamp for the holiday.

• Nona Willis Aronowitz writes on the influence of Camp Kinderland, the distinctly Communist, spiritually Jewish summer camp, that was recently the subject of a documentary film.

• Marc Grossberg remembers his immigrant grandmother who fought back the Klan carrying Old Glory in her hands.

• Last year Marc Tracy and Tzvi Fishman–channeling Israeli Jews–asked whether or not American Jews should celebrate the 4th of July.

• With the inauguration of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Monday, the three biggest cities in the United States now boast Jewish mayors. Read about it here.

• Friend-of-Tablet Miriam Krule reminds you that you’re probably making potato salad wrong.